Class Four English

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A.Look Listen And Say.Read. Hi! I'm Sagar.I'm in Class 4.I'm nine years old.I have a little sister.Her name is Keya.She is only three years old.My father is a doctor and my mother is a housewife.My grandfather was a school teacher,but she doesn't work now.My grandfather helps me with my homework.He is very smart.My grandmother works at home.She makes the best "pithas"in the world! She helps my mother in the garden.My mother has a wonderful garden.I'm very proud of it.She grows the best tomatos and cucumbers in the neighbourhood.They are delicious! B.Complete The Sentences With The Question Words 1.__old Is Sagar?Ans:how 2.__does His Father Do?Ans:what 3.__helps His Mother With The Garden?Ans:who 4.__is Sagar Proud Of His Mother's Garden?Ans:why 5.__is Keya?Ans:who 6.__does His Father Work?Ans:where C.Pairwork.Ask And Answer The Questions In Activity B. 1.Sagar Is Nine Years Old. 2.His Father Is A Doctor. 3.Sagar's Grandmother Helps His Mother With The Garden. 4.Because,his Mother's Garden Is Wonderful.

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